02/07/2012 20:19:27
Mike Hardie
have just started work to restore 408 to her former glory, and am trying to work out the correct sequence in which to do the required work. just to give you an idea of whats needed, all ribs need replacing, six planks need replacement / repair, etc, etc. Any advice gratefully received.

02/07/2012 21:39:43
Keith Callaghan
Mike, I am sure that Laurie Smart will be pleased to give you some pointers (who better?). In case you don't know his telephone number, it's in the MROA Handbook on the 'builders' page.

02/07/2012 22:03:31
Rod & Jo
A comparable miracle worker in wood is Tim Gatti, who has restored many N12 ribbies to their former glory. 

[email protected]


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