I'm just a Merlin man....

26/06/2012 21:44:26
Rod & Jo
In the Magazine report of the Rutland training event dinner, it is,- at a casual read,- implied that I managed to give a master class in personal room emptying by strumming on my ‘folk guitar’. As a highly sensitive & vulnerable individual, I wish to point out,- for the more discerning general readership,- that this report it totally incorrect;- my beautiful Jean l’Arrivée L-01 is not a folk guitar,- it is an acoustic guitar.

.....buuut;- I can't catch Dan!

27/06/2012 08:24:42
Rod, I can only apologise for any innacuracies in the article relating to your instrument.

27/06/2012 09:45:04
Rod & Jo
Accepted. I wish you many happy hours in your tub.

27/06/2012 16:28:14
As far as I can recall, Rod's gig was the highlight of the weekend!

28/06/2012 18:16:13
I've now heard Rod's performance in French and English I can say that the 'Music Man' always makes me smile - would have been a dull night without the impromtu performance - especially since U2 cancelled at the last minute.

28/06/2012 19:40:03
U2 stand-in
Thanks. My first thought was that the orange juice must have been stronger than generally realized, but I guess also possible that Abe Lincoln had it right all along; the only unconditionally good review I ever had was when I played for the local mental home.

Anyway, everyone has a right to their opinion, and Ben's fine sense of humour was wonderfully demonstrated in his magnificent report of the Sunday racing.

Let's close this thread & get back to sailing!


28/06/2012 20:54:33
maybe i,d had 1 guiness too much..if you squinted i thought it was fran healey!!

28/06/2012 21:59:25
U2 stand-in
Absolutely 3 guinness too much. Sorry to pull rank, but in terms of performance I was already way past my peak at the time FR was born...


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