Vintage De May Race New Addition

19/06/2012 11:06:38
Mervyn Allen
At last we are able to return to Dorchester S. C. on 28th July
This has always been one of our most popular events in a very beautiful setting. Racing around islands just adds a little bit of something special to ones tactics.
First Race around 11.00, a little lunch then 2 more in the afternoon.
Look forward to seeing you all there.

19/06/2012 12:43:20
Richard (3233)
Only an hour and  15 mins from SW London, so will aim to attend.
20/06/2012 08:59:11
Ben 1477
Updated results have been sent to Mags and I hope they will be available in the next few days.

20/06/2012 22:51:03
Yup, see link on homepage.


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