Midland Circuit so far

15/06/2012 09:19:25
Paul Hollis
There are 4 events left for the Midland Circuit this year. 
So far after Carsington 8 boats have qualified with another 6 needing 1 more result and 11 needing 2 results 14 needing 3 results to qualify.
The events that are left are Earlswood this weekend followed by Barnt Green 30th June, Redditch 22nd September and Chelmarsh 27th October.
For those that are new to the series you count your best 4 results from 10 events one of which must be a none silver tiller event. There are prizes for both the overall places and also for boats that are between10-20 years old and for boats that are over 20 years old.
Plus best improver, first lady crew and first youth so there are prizes for everyone to have a go at.

Let’s make this a bumper year for boats qualifying ( its normally around the 15 mark) we have two new events coming up in Barnt green and Chelmarsh so your support would be appreciated at these as well as existing events.

Paul Hollis
results Man

16/06/2012 07:59:02
Russ B.
After a distraction moving house, I have every intention of being one of those qualifiers although we aren't going to bother the frontrunners! We might need our Rutland result to count: I haven't seen the midlands results including Carsington but the ones after Trent still don't include our Rutland outing. 
Thanks for your work on all of this, Paul.

18/06/2012 07:49:09
Paul Hollis
oop's missed sorry will be entering Earlswood results this week will correct it then. very sorry. Paul

19/06/2012 13:22:51
E mailed you about our results ........ Awaiting reply


19/06/2012 14:20:37
Paul Hollis
all done just not upon the site Jane.

19/06/2012 16:34:50
Paul Hollis
Russ yours updated also new list including Earlswood sent to Web man to put on the web.

19/06/2012 16:36:25
Paul Hollis
Russ yours updated also new list including Earlswood sent to Web man to put on the web.

20/06/2012 20:30:53
Sorry - it's been awfully busy for me. 
Here you go....

06/07/2012 15:07:07
Another update



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