Great Work

13/06/2012 23:52:00
Martin Hunter
A thanks should be given to all those involved with the administration for all the reports and series so far this year,well done. However there seems to be a gap what happened to all those reports for the DeMay Series, now that Mr Allen has taken to early retirement, he must be far too busy to worry about such trivial matters, the DeMay series has had 4 events so far, where do I find the reports for Sheerwater, Thames and Hunts Sailing Clubs, I am sure it is just an oversight, maybe by Minima, only half way through the series we will have the results ? Those who have vintage boats, come and join in, you might enjoy it ,fantastic racing, in old bangers, although those members of HSC and TC dont seem to want to come out to play, perhaps we should miss their events? or not go to their clubs naxt year,

14/06/2012 08:46:56
Mike Liggett
Hang on Martin, we have only just had our event at Hunts and report will be available by this weekend (plus photos). A report on the Hunts event has been published every year since 2005. I also feel I need to jump to Mervyn's defence.  He has been very busy, together with Chris Barlow, in the major renervation of "Gently" so that hopefully she will take to the water at the Wraysbury SC Holt event later this year.

05/07/2012 09:37:56
For some reason the Hunts report concelaed itself in my inbox - I don't know why I didn't spot it. My apologies.


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