Mk 4 Winder for sale

07/06/2012 10:48:09
It would appear that word of mouth sells these better than the For Sale list on the website so I am spreading the word!! Pleased help me by telling everyone you know that my boat is up for sale!!

She is lovely and very fast and is only being sold due to a potential change in circumstances. She has been used so little in the last year and it seems a crying shame to let her sit unused so much of the time.

Jez3645 (for the moment!)
07/06/2012 13:14:33
Richard (3233)
I can vouch for this boat as it was owned from new by my father Barry who took a great deal of care of her.  My father sailed her on the Thames at Tamesis mostly along with one outing to Salcombe in 2004 followed by the Nationals at Hayling Island in 2005.

As the advert says, Jeremy has also had some very useful upgrades made to her and I know that he has looked after her. If I had the money, I'd definitely buy her back.

07/06/2012 21:47:21
Richard, just give Jeremy the money.

09/06/2012 09:00:23
Now sold!!! To a very nice couple new to the class but with pedigree!!

09/06/2012 11:35:07
Good to get them in the association if you can. Woof woof


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