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19/05/2012 15:33:11

19/05/2012 16:18:16
Funny this topic should come up; I was just going to post about ebay items. Why is it that the majority of merlin sellers on ebay don't put up a decent set of well-lit, in-focus, properly composed and meaningfull photos? Through experience having bought and sold boats and cars on ebay, I can assure you that good quality photos sell items for a much higher price, so:- 
unwrap the boat
clean it up, tidy it up, rig it, foils included, sails up and make it look as though it was actually meant to go in the water!
Same goes for the for sale section on this site; too many boats with lousy or no pictures; they say a thousand words etc.
The last two boats I sold on ebay exceeded their reserve because they had a good description and lots of excellent photos. With digital cameras so good and cheap, there's no excuse but phone cameras are pretty useless, even iphones and the 5/7mp androids.

Go on, put some real effort into marketing your asset and you'll sell it quickly and for the right price!

20/05/2012 07:11:10
And be accurate - don't measure them with the e-bay tape measure or we'll have 16ft or 13ft Merlins again! Actually the naming and individuality of the Merlin Rocket is its greatest asset when selling. The accuracy of class records and the knowledge of members means that only a name or number needs to be mentioned for much more information to come to light. 
What other class can match this?

20/05/2012 07:52:45
Richard Battey

20/05/2012 16:30:22
hairy poppins looks like a nice boat, but would look even better rigged and ready to go.


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