De May and Thames series at Thames SC

18/05/2012 09:13:57
Ben 1477
This weekend is a good time to organise next weekend !
De May vintage 26th May and Thames series Open 27th May at Thames SC. 11.00am start / 3 races with 1 discard both days. Both days sailing £15 total.
Thames SC KT6 4HH. Use email link for further info.

21/05/2012 08:11:52
Ben 1477
Okay, still a few days to get crew and boat sorted !

22/05/2012 23:02:37
Ben 1477
Just trying to keep this in view and suddenly its off the page !

23/05/2012 08:29:22
Aiming to come with 507, plus Roger (and your cover)in the car.
Chris B

28/05/2012 07:32:24
Many thanks to Thames for a livley day on Saturday and many many thanks to Ben for lending me his boat.

28/05/2012 07:32:53
lively oops.

30/05/2012 15:33:50
Melanie Hardman
Some photo's c/o Saul from TSC from the weekend
30/05/2012 15:37:12
Melanie Hardman
Try this one
30/05/2012 18:27:17
Any results, nice pictures.

31/05/2012 08:12:31
Ben 1477
Results - Sorry ! I just haven't had time to sort out the sailwave page but will do it early next week.

31/05/2012 14:15:35
Melanie Hardman (1920)
Mike Stephens and Jodok Gerber won both in Flinkidink (1097. Mind you David Vines gave Mike a run for his money on Sunday :-D
31/05/2012 16:56:51
Richard (3233)
Thank you to all at Thames for a great weekend's sailing.

@Ben - would you be able to email the full list of helm's and crew's names as these were missing from the copy of the results sheet I took. Just need them for updating the overall Thames Series results.



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