Old boat bouancy bags

09/05/2012 19:55:15
Andrew George
I'm a novice sailor who has become the proud owner of 1641 built in 1964 I believe. I have been informed that it needs three buoyancy bags, one for the bow and two side bags. Could some advise me on the correct capacity and even better does anyone have any secondhand ones for sale? thanks

10/05/2012 06:04:02
If your boat doesn't have a tank in the bow then the crewsaver XL bow bag is the one to go for. A new one is 79.99 from P&B. Holt bags are plastic and seem to split more easily than Crewsaver but are easier to repair with Bostik All Purpose glue and a patch. Covers for the rear are a very good idea for protection.
After several years of patching secondhand bags we've bought new and it's so much more reliable. Just think of it as another form of insurance - after all your capsized boat would sink without them!

10/05/2012 11:04:14
Hi Andrew,

I replaced a couple on 2373 mainly because they were in the way of the revised jib sheeting, I don't have a bow bag though. They are very faded but serviceable, if you are not fussy about looks! - drop me an e-mail and I'll look out what I have. You are welcome to them, I'm in SW London.

Regards, Dave

10/05/2012 12:37:06
Andrew M
Generally boats of that vintage use a bow bag + 2 bags either side, a small one tucked under the side seats and a longer bag in the stern tucked under the side decks.  If you measure the space you will get a good idea of what will fit, something like 42"x12" on the sides & 30"x12" if memory serves.  Putting a canvas cover over the top of the bow bag to hold it down works immensely better than straps and will make a big difference in a capsize, also means you can fit a spinny chute and pull the kite in over the top of the bag.

10/05/2012 14:58:15
Roy Poole

The rules require a minimum of 3 bouyancy units and also require that a minimum of 135kg of positive bouyancy be provided by any two of them. The minimum size bags that can therefore be used are 68kg units (36 x 12)as supplied by Crewsaver. The front bag will inevitably be larger than this so 2no 68kg bags in the stern would comply. I bought a pair recently from Trident for £73.50 plus £5 P&P.

There is no reason why you shouldn't use larger bags, or additional bags if you can fit them in.

As far as fixings are concerned the rules require that one strap be provided for each 350mm (14 inches)of bag length. The 68 kg bags therefore require 3 straps.

Good luck.

10/05/2012 16:52:13
Andrew M
To be exact the rules state that you need 135kg of buoyancy even if one unit is flooded.  Older boats without a bow tank tend to go for more bags in the stern, also the narrow boats haven't got as much room for the 36x12 in bags.

10/05/2012 23:43:12
Andrew Geoge
Thanks very much for all your posts. I'm taking Dave up on his offer and then will take it from there. We can't wait to take Dawn Star out for her maiden sail or at least her first since being rescued from being a plant pot.


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