Transom flaps and centreboard gasket

02/05/2012 10:06:30
Just finishing off my winter refrubish of my old Proctor 9b. Need to replace the centreboard gasket and wondered if staying with the sailcloth is nest or going mylar? Any thoughts?

Also any idea where I can buy that thin clear plastic the modern boats use for transom flaps?

Thanks, Dave 2373

02/05/2012 10:16:09
Chris Rathbone
Try Speed or P & B for Flp material. Sailcloth gasket lasts longer but make sure yourlength is right-old boats generally have longer boards

02/05/2012 10:38:13
Thanks Chris, is 2 metres enough for an oldie?

02/05/2012 11:23:13
Chris Rathbone
I think so- the rules state that the plate mustn't be longer than 1400mm below the keel and I guess you need to add a bit for the bit that remains in the case

02/05/2012 13:19:16
Puchased 2 sheets of Lexan(polycarbonate)1mmclear 297mmx420mm(A3) size from GPG Plastics Ltd through Ebay - cost with p/p
£9.97. Easily cut and shaped. Works extremely well
Hope this helps

04/05/2012 19:09:33
Like this?
09/05/2012 09:23:27
I have just replaced my slot. Bought sail cloth from P&B. One long length, screwed the two ends down at the bow end of the slot, then tightened the loop using a block and tackel fixed to the rudder pintles.

If you use plastic and glue, leavea 10mm gap unglued round the inside edge of the slot.


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