Question on weather helm

01/05/2012 12:33:30
Was trying out deep thought. Jemma and martins new boat

Seems to me the minute she starts heeling you get far more weather helm than I get in my winder so you ned to sail it absolutely flat, rudder was fully down

Any ideas on causes

01/05/2012 15:09:49
Measurement Man
Heel - always a bad thing. Flat is the answer!

Obvious variables are centreboard and rake, followed by mast heel position...


01/05/2012 15:15:02
Ben 3634
Yes, I think something goes beyond flat is fast with this boat I could only ever get the full potential out of her on a two sail fetch, upon which point of sailing she devastated any other boat.

01/05/2012 16:20:25
chris martin
The rudder may be all the way down, but is it vertical? Mine wasnt!

01/05/2012 16:51:59
As I say seems more sensitive than my winder to heel and the mast seems quite forward but will have a look at heel

Thinking as chris says maybe rudder isn't vertical

Thanks chaps

01/05/2012 17:48:46
Chris Rathbone
I can't remember Deep Thought being particularly sensitive to weather Helm. Although she did have a lifting rudder, my weapon of choice was a fixed rudder from Milanes. Interested in Ben's comment regarding her speed on the two sail reach-I always felt that she was quickest on a three sail reach. Must have been a question of sailing style...

01/05/2012 19:41:26
Chris M
i'd say it's definately a rudder head/stock issue and that the blade is a mm or two off vertical. The test is does it have enormous lee helm when heeled to windward? Rig balance should only do weather or lee helm, it can't do both at the same time.

02/05/2012 08:56:50
Gee you learn new things all the time in yottin

Woof woof

03/05/2012 09:04:16
Mike Liggett
Make sure you keep your tail out of the water!

03/05/2012 10:38:31
After using the salcombe ferry last year. It's not for dogs was terrified scary or wot

04/05/2012 23:47:01
Roy 3570
I purchased Deep Thought from Chris and had her for a number of years. I never found weather helm a problem as I sailed her with the fixed rudder that came with the boat. When I sold the boat to Ben he changed the  rig to a carbon hog stepped mast and somewhere along the line a lifting rudder was added. Probably the problem lies with the rig or the rudder.
Hi Chris and Ben, Sorry I missed you at Cookham, I was in France walking in the Alps. Regards Roy

07/05/2012 10:03:50
Does heavy weather make a difference to weather helm? Raced her twice yesterday and trialled once (with lifting rudder)in light winds and there was no weather helm to report? She is a lovely boat.


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