3146 'Sledgehammer' History

23/04/2012 13:45:52
Luke Tucker
Hi Everyone,

I own 3146 Sledgehammer I was wondering if anyone had any history on her?
I know from her measurement certificate she was once owned by Suzanne Wharton of Huddersfield. Certificate date 30/07/92.

Shes a Rowsell built Smokers Satisfaction, constructed 1978.

During some recent sanding before repainting I found the initials SIE & ER on the hull near the transom. I know she was at Himley Hall, Dudley for the last two years owned by Richard Harding, but dont think she was class raced.

23/04/2012 18:32:49
Mike Liggett
A much travelled boat! 3146 was built in 1978 and called "Captain Pugwash" - owned by P Mann a member of Hamble River SC. By 1980 she had moved to Queen Mary SC and was owned by H Defries who renamed her "Sie & Er". In 1990 she was owned by A Bamford at Bolton SC and renamed "Sledgehammer" - a short stay before moving to Scammondew Water with I Wharton in 1991. By 1993 she had moved to Bala SC with J M Hulse. This is the last recorded owner. This does seem to be at odds with the measurement cert.

23/04/2012 20:22:03
She was still at Bala till a couple of years ago owned by John Hulse, went down to the Midlands from there  ( Dudley ) .  John Hulse owned her for quite a while, he is now the commadore  at Bala so you could contact him through their website.

23/04/2012 20:50:57
That makes a lot of sense, yeah she went to himley hall, dudley. That's where i got her, from Richard.

Yeah I think I'll get in touch, be nice see if I can get old pictures or even racing results possibly.

Thanks so much for the info. I don't suppose either of you raced against her?

Also cheers mike for clarifying the SIE & ER, was a little confused to find that during my sanding.

07/05/2012 23:47:56
Richard Harding
Hi Luke

Glad to see you're getting into the history of it - I did indeed buy it from John at Bala, and he said he'd owned it for some time, but I never looked into it before that. Sounds like pretty good records are kept :)

Still waiting to find my next Merlin!

- Richard


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