Salcombe Open

29/03/2012 16:57:59
Saturday's races are shown as 12.30 and 14.20...does that mean long first race, normal (1hr-ish) race and very quick in-and-out for lunch, or normal length race and long ****ering about on the water between races?

Anyone know?

29/03/2012 18:10:57
John Murrell
I very much doubt that you would get an hour race at Salcombe!!!

Usual practice is that the first race is finishing as the club racing starts and the Merlins then tag onto the end of that - hence the 14.20 start time.

As a point of interest Salcombe usually aim for 1hr30mins for the first boat home so you should get your ££££'s worth this weekend!

30/03/2012 13:28:33
Chris I
We're bringing Armed Forces down to take up the rear. Assume we park the car and boat at the big car park at the north end of town? 
Do we have to pay to park?
Is it possible to leave the boat there until say lunchtime Monday?
I assume we need to sign on at the Yacht Club. If we arrive late can we pay after the racing on Saturday?
See you tomorrow,
Chris Iles 3442

30/03/2012 13:52:21
There is a fenced off area behind the Boat Park Kiosk reserved for the Merlin's this weekend.  I have just attached a notice to the fencing listing the available berth numbers.  I don't know if you have to pay, in the past it has been gratis.

30/03/2012 14:22:03
John Buckley
Had a mail from Jayne Morris at the club:

From: Jayne Morris [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 30 March 2012 09:00
Subject: RE: Quick Question on Salcombe Merlin ST

Hi John
Sorry for late reply, I have been out of the office.
There is a competitors briefing at 11.00am in the Yacht Club.

If you are unable to be there please enter online today and we shall see you on the start line. The fairway may well be in operation so remember to keep to the Portlemouth side of the line of yellow buoys!

Re parking at Batson the Harbour Master has asked if you can keep to Spaces 275 - 296.

This is by the hut, currently being used for winter storage but all should be clear by Friday.

Must not spill further or block access for final throws of winter storage.

And finally - don't forget your sunscreen!!

Kind regards

30/03/2012 14:23:31
John Buckley
As a footnote, we entered online and theres a declaration form to complete and sign, so we (or one of us) will be at the briefing to hand that in.

Cheers, John

30/03/2012 20:58:02
Chris I
What's the best rouite into salcombe with the boat, by road I mean?

02/04/2012 10:11:25
Mark Barnes

02/04/2012 10:32:27
see link


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