Cancelled - Banbury Open on 15th April

24/03/2012 12:07:26
Following conversations earlier this week, Banbury SC have decided that we have no option but to cancel the Silver Tiller Open scheduled for 15th April.

Currently we are 1.45 metres below weir level - in 20 years at Banbury, I have never before known a year when we started the season in any state other than full. At this level some 25% of the water is unsailable for Merlins (especially those with fixed rudders) and we do not have space on the remaining water to accomodate the 30+ boats that we normally attract. Finding a useable start line to accomodate that number of boats would be a particular problem especially if the wind is westerly or easterly.

The long range forecast does not predict any sizeable amount of rain - realistically we need a couple of days of heavy rain. At present the water is going up a few cms each week and as the ground is so dry, any light drizzle does not get into the reservoir but is sucked up by the ground.

We also have the Easter weekend in a couple of weeks time and normally British Waterways will draw down Boddington by some 25 - 50 cms to top up the summitt stretch of the Oxford canal. Talking to the BW guy who runs the reservoir, he is equally as concerned as we are and there are access restrictions on the Oxford canal to try to conserve the water.

Taking all of this into account, I feel that we cannot go ahead with the Silver Tiller Open on 15th April. Please spread the word at your club so that we do not get people turning up on the 15th.

Hope to see everyone back next year.

24/03/2012 18:49:44
Chris Martin
This is a great pity as banbury have been a stalwart club foir many years.

However please watch this space as Bartley are hoping to be able to put something on for us over the same weekend. Further details to follow.


25/03/2012 09:03:19
steve ward
has this been replaced by bartley on 22nd ?

25/03/2012 20:21:55
Chris Martin
It's in the ether and has my full support, but not really my decision to make.

watch this space!

26/03/2012 19:16:59
Pat Blake
It is a shame we can't go to Banbury but it does mean we can do the Tideway race at Ranelagh instead!
Don't forget you are all coming to Cookham on April 22nd!!

26/03/2012 22:05:45
Alex 3556
I agree with Pat.  Let's try and get a good turnout for the tideway race as Banbury is cancelled!  I will do my best to be there!

26/03/2012 22:07:09
Alex 3556
And if you are considering Bartley Open now, remember that Cookham is always a really nice day out and of course has silver tiller points up for grabs!!! :-)

28/03/2012 10:31:42
Just to keep this at the top of the pile so that nobody turns up on 15th April!

Instead why not take part in the Tideway race at Ranelagh - at least they do not have water problems.

The next restricted water Silver Tiller event is Cookham on 22nd - always a lovely place to sail and easy to get to just off the M40.

28/03/2012 21:38:51
well done chris!with the loss of banbury,(with the current midland cicuit rules)its a good move,it could be quite possible that earlswood and barnt green may be cancelled for the same problem (both non silver tiller events)to include bhams premier water supply reservoir is an excellent choice,it now has a fledgling fleet,we should therefore support them....but thats only my opinion.....

03/04/2012 09:49:07
Terry (3591 & 1053)
Earlswood is full to the brim.

Let's hope it stays like that until 17th June.

12/04/2012 10:25:39
Just a reminder that the Banbury Silver Tiller planned for Sunday 15th April has been cancelled as a consequence of the low water.

The Tideway race being run by Ranelagh is a good and different alternative that day and the next Silver Tiller restricted event is at Cookham on the 22nd April


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