Ranelagh Thames Series Open April 15th

20/03/2012 22:51:43
Nick Price
Just to let you know that this event will be a tideway race from Putney down to Battersea and back.
Start from Putney will be at 15.00 and not as per details in fixtures list. Very important that you let us know if you're coming as we have to organise with PLA, safety boats etc.
Please ask if you have questions.

22/03/2012 13:58:39
Tideway racing: This is a great way to see London from a different perspective. The Larks held an open event using the same course and thought it a great variation on their normal racing.

Directions: If towing, please approach the club from the East.
Parking: Is free on a Sunday.
Race Fee: £10 per boat including the Bacon Roll before and Chilli/Rice afterwards.
Teas and Coffees: FOC
Bar: This will be open from 12am till ...

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

10/04/2012 08:51:47
Is there a target race duration time   Think we have at least 5 coming from wembley

Woof woof

10/04/2012 10:19:07
Swimmer watcher
Mind out for swimmers along this stretch, no knowing what a Merlin bow could do to the little darlings

10/04/2012 10:19:13
Swimmer watcher
Mind out for swimmers along this stretch, no knowing what a Merlin bow could do to the little darlings

10/04/2012 14:14:17
Nick Price
Hi Megan,
It's very hard to say and depends on the wind. Could be 90 minutes or could be 150 if the wind is very light.
We are running a similar club race the day before and can post results here that evening.
If you fall in, doggy paddle is the preferred stroke!

10/04/2012 16:59:55
Thanks I'm going as a dogfish to the champs fancy dress so could maybe use my flippers and tail

10/04/2012 19:02:46
Jon (Harrys Dad)
Nick. The long range forecast shows 18 knots for Sunday. Is that going to be 90 minutes or less?

Harry's free for rescue duties.
He will need a bit of persuasion for crewing:-)

10/04/2012 20:08:52
Nick Price
That would be around 90 and probably a delayed start! Will put Harry down for safety boat. Maybe with me if it's that windy!!

13/04/2012 06:28:13
Nick (214)
We have now decided to start at 3 regardless, considering there will be enough wind to sail against tide if mark is rounded before tide turns at Battersea.

14/04/2012 11:13:36
Weather forecast now showing as 13-15 knots from north(ish) and more importantly sun. It won't be scorchio weather but really nice.
Low tide is pretty high so will be weak, and also means plenty of water.... Sorry Banbury!

15/04/2012 21:58:08
Alex 3556
Thanks to everyone at Ranelagh for a lovely day. That was my first tideway race and i have to say it was a lot of fun despite the fantastically ridiculous wind/weather!  I look forward to seeing the results as i have no idea where i finished but was great fun anyway!! I will definately try and come along next year!  Hope to see you all at Cookham next weekend for the next Thames series event particularly as it is for ST points and De May series points too! :-)

16/04/2012 08:55:03
Nick (214)
David Vines
Mike Stephens
Andy Dalby
Duncan Salmon
MJ Gifford
Alan Markham
Andy Harris
Tony Johnson
Alex Jones
Phil Dalby
Tim Harridge
Jon Steward
Martin Wollny
Brian Clarke
Mike Airey
3 retired 2 dns

Full results when I get a minute! Thanks to all who came.

16/04/2012 09:09:06
Thanks Ranelagh for a great race. Tideway races are such fun! Please can we have one every year.... best dv

16/04/2012 10:58:29
Andy D
Hear hear. That was a great sail with the full spectrum of weather conditions thrown at competitors (Hail, sun, F5-6 to F0 then ++++. It is a really amazing and testing event, racing under all the bridges into central London and back. Thank you so much to RSC for putting in all the care, due dilligence and organisational work required. 

It was a very hard sail taking over 2 hrs - looking forward to the report given the crazy concertina effects!

Classic events like the Tideway are exactly what the merlin rocket is all about.

16/04/2012 16:16:45
Andy H
Totally bonkers...

17/04/2012 17:42:19
Andy D
Google alerts popped up with this blog post that shows some nice pics including Tim and Maria in 3555 gettine the metal detector out on the beach! 


19/04/2012 16:06:12
MJ Gifford
Thanks all for coming.  Mike, is it possible to get a full resolution copy of the lead picture in the Y&Y article?

19/04/2012 16:37:27
Frances Gifford
Bro, I have them and some others on e-mail.  Will forward on to you...



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