03/03/2012 12:13:47
Rod & Jo sceptical
I am trying contact Richard Whitworth w.r.t. Rutland, but mails to [email protected] get rejection notes from RW's mailbox, and telephone number given in the training info appears to be permanently off the hook. Any ideas?

04/03/2012 00:26:27
Richard is aware that the training e-mail is in-oprative and I know that the crew of Galactic Gnu have made contact with him this week.
Perhaps someone would be kind enough to help Richard address this issue as I know he is very nearly ready to unveil his plans for the training weekend and it would appear that intrest is mounting.

04/03/2012 00:33:02
It sounds as though the usual suspects are all converging on Rutland in early May - we've gone for the soft option of bunkhouse acomodation.  Hope you've got a deep landing net to scoop us out later today

04/03/2012 09:55:29
Ian Mackenzie
I know that Richard has nearly completed the Rutland Training application form and will be posting it shortly. He is also aware that the contact details on the Training page are incorrect. In particular the telephone number dates from when Steve Watson was the training co-ordinator. If you look at the "Rutland Training" topic on the Forum, Richard has made a comment with a link to his personal email address.


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