the forgotten olympian.

27/02/2012 12:03:39
roger cole
Have just read latest mag.(very good) and particularly enjoyed Pats article re. olympians. However, one guy has been overlooked. In 1970 ,David Robinsons crew in "Ghost Rider" was a certain Chris Davies, and they were 5th at the Nats. that year.A little later David was appointed Olympic coach and Chris was posted into the front of Rodneys FD. where in 72 they won the Gold at Kiel. Chris( largely through Rodneys efforts)only got his MBE a couple of years ago.Dont let our class add to the saga of the "forgotten Olympian"!

27/02/2012 22:42:28
Chris Davies is one of my best mates' dad. A more unassuming gent it would he hard to find, yet I know how happy he was when he was finally invested. All without any triumphalism on his part.

28/02/2012 19:18:09
Pat Blake
I knew I was opening a can of worms!
How could I ever of thought that Phil crewed for Chris Rhodes when I knew perfectly well it was Patrick King.
I had forgotten that Chris Davies was a Merlin Man too - I remember him as a 12 sailor, I agree a very nice guy.
And Richard Davis has pointed out that James and Clem Ramus Merlin sailors from Rye Harbour SC crewed for Slotty Dawes in the FD class in the 50's
Any more corrections - lets keep them coming in!

At least some of you read it.


28/02/2012 21:05:45
James Ramus was probably more well known for his successes in FDs crewing for Stuart Jardine, although he crewed for Slotty Dawes at the 1960 Rome Olympics.  Quote from the 1961 Dinghy Year Book: "One of the Lucas mainsails arrived at the eleventh hour and on being found to be 14 centimetres too big on a width measurement was altered by James Ramus, assisted by the Jardine twins (who were team reserves)and a chambermaid from the Hotel Royal where the team was billeted".  How times have changed - not only in team accommodation but the ability of sailmakers to make sails the right size!

29/02/2012 20:27:22
Tim Male
My favourite bit on the magazine is the logo on the cover. Genius!

01/03/2012 18:44:56
Robert Harris
Over a period of six years in the late 50s and early 60s Robin Judah had two Championship overall 2nds, one 4th and one 6th. I crewed Robin in Fireflies, Merlin Rockets, Hornets and Solings but unfortunately not in his Dragon at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico.

02/03/2012 09:37:59
Barry Dunning
David Tucker and Charles Reynolds crewed for him in Acapulco Mexico in the Dragon. Both were members of Royal Burnham.

02/03/2012 14:49:09
Robert Harris
I remember Dave Tucker. He crewed Ricky Walters to 2nd place in the in the 1961 Championship and 4th in 1962. He also crewed David Child when he was 3rd in 1965 the year of Barry's first win with Alan Warren.


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