MR 2075 - Iphigenia

27/01/2012 16:21:36
I onced owned 2075 named Iphigenia, which I think was a 9B. Sold her to a chap in Staffordshire late 80's, can anyone tell me if she still exists.

27/01/2012 18:05:40
Tony Lane
The 1975 MROA Year Book and all subsequent editions until 1997 record the owner as P.T.Sawyer.
In the early years he/she was a member of Avon SC.
Simon, did you buy the boat from there and if so in what year?

29/01/2012 18:03:15
Tony - PT Sawyer is my Dad and yes we both sailed her at Avon SC. I moved to Scotland in 1986 and 2075 came with me and I raced at Perth SC.

30/01/2012 12:45:18
Tony Lane
Simon I regret there are no records in the MROA Year Books of any subsequent owners after your dad.

30/01/2012 21:12:45
Tony - Thanks for your help.

21/06/2012 11:47:43
Richard Rushton
Gents, my wife was wondering about MR2075 Iphigenia, it was commissioned by her father - Mark Mammatt of Solihull SC, in the early 70's.

22/06/2012 17:40:58
Tony Lane
She was built by Wyche and Coppock in late 1967 or early 1968 and as you say her  first owner was M D Mamatt at Sutton (not Solihull)SC. She is recorded as a Proctor MK9B design. I think I can remember sailing against Iphigenia at a Banbury open meeting but I cannot recall in which year.


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