Sail Stickers

27/01/2012 12:49:17
Wonder if anyone can help please?

I am told that sail stickers under 2009-2012 ISAF rules are now allowed unless the class rules prohibit them. From a quick scan of the class rules I can't see that they are expressly disallowed but I seem to remember that there was a furore some time ago when somebody had stickers - so are they allowed? Thank you

27/01/2012 14:13:41
Mark Barnes
Hi DV, 

Category A and C of lod have long disappeared and the fact has been discussed on the forum before. Unless the class writes into its rules, that ISAF guideline branding is not allowed, then anyone sailing a class measured boat is entitled to attend any event with their boat suited and booted.

Your best person to answer the current status/class position now and for the future, is Graham Williamson aka GGGGGGGGGG.

If you do brand, read the IASF requirements carefully first.

Bye for now


27/01/2012 14:35:37
Dan Alsop
It is intended that the ISAF rules which are being developed will refer to advertising as follows, thus preserving the spirit of the old Class Rule (ie competitor advertising not allowed)the wording of which had become overtaken by the changes Mark refers to.

RRS 80 and ISAF Regulation 20.3.2 are amended such that competitor advertising on the boat is prohibited. The Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions for an event may amend this rule.

It is hoped the ISAF version will be introduced pretty soon.

Hope this helps,

Dan Alsop

27/01/2012 20:11:42
Thanks Dan, i'm reading that as no sail stickers unless event specifically allows them.

27/01/2012 20:14:52
...thanks Barnsie also!


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