History on 'The Tales of Marco Polo' anyone?

09/01/2012 18:03:29
Hi - anyone remember this boat at their sailing club? I've got it as far back as around 2007 but nothing before - I think it was at Parkstone? Its a holt 2 design and would like to know what subtle differences there are to a 'normal' CT, built by Bob Hoare.  As always, any information or trivia gratefully accepted!

11/01/2012 11:12:53
I would contact Steve Bailey, from PYC, he was the last owner(?)and his nmber's in the book.

11/01/2012 21:25:04
Thanks Ben will follow that one - thought it was Parkstone boat before Banbury but wasn't certain.

11/01/2012 21:51:48
Not finding his name or number in 2010 or 2011 books - seeing some activity on the PYC site, 3654, could anyone e mail me a contact number? (don't post it here lol)Thanks

12/01/2012 09:00:54
Tales of Marco Polo was built by Graham Chard who then ran Bob Hoare Racing Dinghies, she was co-owned by Steve Bailey and Geoff Cox.
I crewed fairly regulary for Geoff on her from new. She was hog stepped back then and had a track under the mast heel that pulled the heel up at an angle to tension the rig. Many happy memories of that boat :-) Sorry I can't help on the design variations.

12/01/2012 20:32:48
Thanks for that PD, the mast is now deck stepped but you wouldn't know it had ever been anything else nice job of convertting it by someone. Was there anything to pin the mast as a pivot at the gate, or was it just as a conventional hog stepped mast?

12/01/2012 21:47:41
Jo & Rod
Kieron, a ramp under the mast heel to tension up the rig and at the same time cant the mast backwards was I think pioneered by Dick Batt in 3400, and had been inspired by the (then) recent relaxation of the sheer line to lower band measurement, which until then had been, from memory, a +/-10mm job, and so didn't permit that. Deck stepping made it all irrelevant.

12/01/2012 22:12:57
Happy New Year Rod and Jo,thanks for the info - fascinating in its complexity, still trying to visualise what was going on and where, but as said, all deck stepped now and no witness to its previous configuration. See you at Salcombe this year?

13/01/2012 14:25:36
Stuart Bates
Seem to recall that MR3330 'Nice Legs' had a similar rig ramp system with fixed shrouds.

13/01/2012 16:57:09
the gurn
there was a bloke at ranelagh who had a car jack under the foot of the mast and his crew had to get out the handle and wind it up as required -

13/01/2012 18:18:32
Rod & Jo
What a sensible idea; I'll get Jo onto it right away!

13/01/2012 18:55:54
It sounds like a much much less expensive way of raking the rig than all of the double and triple blocks, miles of string and pulley systems, but I can see a problem if you get a flat tyre on the way home.

13/01/2012 20:53:40
That's all very well until the hull loses the 'who's the the toughest?' contest with the shrouds and you end up with a jack-shaped hole in the bottom!

21/01/2012 19:20:18
Soooo, is anyone able to mail me a contact for Stephen Bailey of Parkstone please?- can't find my old yearbooks to track a number down.  Thanks in anticipation!


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