Hull number 2871 Help =)

07/01/2012 12:22:29
Hi everyone, i am thinking of buying a merlin rocket that i found lying here in malta. I would like to know more about hull number 2871 such as age designer that sort of thing. Would anyone be able to help me before i buy it ? 


07/01/2012 12:35:19
Rob H
It says it was a Hornblower, own built around 1974, called Gillygog

07/01/2012 15:53:16
Mike Liggett
Was originally called "Cabaret". Seems to have spent much of her life in Norfolk before her trip to Malta. I would be very wary of an amateur build of this age.  A very careful inspection of the hull is essential - especially all glued joints and planks.

09/01/2012 09:17:28
thanks for the heads up guys :) any further information would be appreciated as i have only sailed grp boats and don't know too much about home builds and stuff.

09/01/2012 11:45:22
Andrew M
Just to look for obvious structural problems, rot - soft, dark wood, particularly in areas like the join of transom to hull, round the bottom of the centreboard case, anywhere where water may have collected.  Cracking and movement in joints, particularly in the decks around the shroud attachments, joins between foredeck and sidedecks.  See if the hull is watertight!  In a boat built by an amateur builder look at how the places which take a big load have been constructed and reinforced, so, the area round the hog and mast step, the centreboard case and the joints to the thwart, joints between thwart and side of hull, rudder fittings, shroud attachments.  Try taking hold of the transom and twisting it and see if the whole boat twists or if it is rigid.  You won't be competing with a local Merlin fleet so how competitive or not the boat is doesn't really matter but if it is falling apart round you sailing will not be very enjoyable.  Peeling varnish & paint is time-consuming but easy enough to fix but major rot or structural problems are not likely to be a worthwhile fix.


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