old photos

02/01/2012 15:56:17
francis boff
Whilst reseaching family history and looking for old photos . I have come across  photos of Merlins at Ranelagh, Tamesis, Littlehampton and I think Rye , I guess they are around 1960. There are pictures of very young Brian Southcott, Brian Saffery Cooper, Robert Harris, Beri Ritchie and Alan Warren, I think these were all at Putney. They are not great pictures but if anybody is interested I will email them over. Happy Days playing with Merlins, Francis Boff

03/01/2012 18:09:45
Former Whitstable Pro
Difficult to believe that any of those named were ever young so I would like to see the pictures ! [email protected]

04/01/2012 09:55:02
Nick Price (214)
Could I put them on the Ranelagh pages with the other old photos there?
Thanks, Nick

04/01/2012 12:32:27
francis boff
Nick, of course send me your email and I will let you have them. Francis

04/01/2012 17:19:53
Nick Price (214)
Hi Francis,
Very many thanks for those, many of which are now up on Ranelagh web pages. If anyone can identify various helms/boats, please let me know.

05/01/2012 16:07:55
I'll have some guesses~:

Top row 3rd from left - Anthony brook ?
Middle 1st left - Alan Warren ?
Middle 2nd from left - Bury Ritchie ?
Bottom 3rd from left - Robin Fowler ?
Bottom 5th from left Brian Southcott ?

05/01/2012 17:02:08
David Child
A real trip down memory lane, I am sure the previous poster is correct, the other two I can identify are Brian Saffery-Cooper and Daphne Ward sailing together and a very suave looking Derek King.

05/01/2012 17:45:28
Barry Dunning
And thats me crewing for Alan Warren. Note the sexy sailing kit!

06/01/2012 09:13:33
Fantastic pictures,Francis.  Is that you in the duffle coat?
Now we can see why we have to have bilge keels on our boats!

06/01/2012 09:51:50
Andrew M
Is the middle row R end a rather blurry Mervyn Allen?  2nd from L could be John Stokes

06/01/2012 15:26:24
The two photos you refer to are Berry Ritchie in the glasses crewed by Carol and Brian Saffery-Cooper crewed by Daphne Ward

06/01/2012 17:41:04
francis boff
JC ...didn't we all think we were smart, pity I have long since lost it!!


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