Sailing at Thames Sailing Club - Sport England steps in where the R-A fears to tread

05/12/2011 11:33:33
Dear Ms Coles,

With regards to the above application, Sport England has received a letter of concern from Thames Sailing Club.

It is unclear from the information provided whether the applicant has considered the impact the development could potentially have on the area of water surrounding the application site and the future of river sports in this area.

You may be aware of the following Sport England policy objective:

“PLANNING POLICY OBJECTIVE 25: To protect, improve, and bring into use new resources for water-based sport. To reduce potential conflicts between the sports use and the environment and between different users through good management practice and by the use of codes of conduct.”

Sport England will promote policies and practices that seek to protect appropriate water resources, and access to them, for sport, taking account of the need to avoid overcrowding and of access across land; and resist developments that resist developments that would have an adverse effect on the sporting potential of inland waters and the coast.

As such, Sport England requests that further information be provided by the applicant that demonstrates that the proposed development will not adversely impact on the sporting potential for the site and this body of water.

In the absence of such information, Sport England submits a holding objection to this application.


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