23/11/2011 15:26:57
I'm asking for help!
My boyfriend has asked for some sailing gloves (along with many other items) for christmas, so just asking for some feedback on ones you have used during this season. I don't want to waste money on ones that wont last. He wants short fingered ones.

23/11/2011 16:15:23
Might seem a bit of a cheapskate but 

B and q yellow gloves with plastic webbing on them. 2.50 a pair bargain in these austere times then you can look for something else to fill his stocking

23/11/2011 18:27:47
gill championship gloves short fingers are about £22, or for all winter sailing I wear gill neoprene gloves (about the same price) which are a life saver. Don't like the gill pro gloves personally.

orange grippy gloves are awful when wet and cold (ie anytime from now 'til next april) and don't look or feel the part.

23/11/2011 19:06:07
Andrew M
I've had a couple of pairs of Gill Pro gloves that have lasted better than any other glove ever.  They are a bit stiff rather like leather gloves used to be till you get them wet and then they are fine.  I always end up with blisters just above the end of the glove on my 4th finger with short fingered gloves, I think it is probably from letting out the mainsheet, so I have always used the long fingered version.

23/11/2011 20:21:02
Measurement man
With Megan on this one, but why pay £2.50?

Go to Screwfix and pay 60p - I buy them 50 at a time...

On second thoughts, happy to sell them to you for £2.50, Mr Treasurer!!


24/11/2011 07:22:09
Chris M
Gill pro. Unless you want the disposable ones they knock spots off everthing else.

24/11/2011 09:41:47
Gill Pro all the way. Have used the orange 'latex dipped' ones for a season and they work brilliantly but only last for one outing and you end up with a boat full of orange rubbery fragments where the things have been falling apart. As GGGGG says, buy the orange ones in bulk if you are going that way. Oh yes, buy the other-half a good pair of scissors as well for cutting the thumb and index finger tips off!

24/11/2011 16:40:45
Robert Harris
I've just bought a pair of Gill 'Helmsman's' gloves for winter sailing on a yacht on the Solent, they are quite expensive. I wore them sailing on the Solent on Monday and was delighted with their performance, they're flexible enough to handle ropes, wind winches and so. They are warm and comfortable but perhaps a bit bulky for dinghy sailing.

24/11/2011 18:50:43
Fat Boy Slim
The B & Q or Screwfix ones with marrigolds over the top, hands stay taosty warm and dry all winter, oddly enough marrigolds are also awsome wet weather golf gloves too!

25/11/2011 15:09:31
Well for my tuppence worth, the Gill Chamionship glove have always been a good mix of flexibility, feel and durability (once wet, as previous post)but they are definitely a consumable item, but ought to be good for a season, currently using Gill Pro as an experiment and they slightly tougher to wear and may prove to be more durable than the champinship ones.

I would ressist the temptation to present your boyfriensd with a pair of marigolds as a gift for fear of unintended inferences and the rubber dipped builders gloves from screwfix might have him wondering too, but they are very popular!

26/11/2011 23:06:32
Jon E
Do Rooster still do the Aquapro gloves?  If so they are the BOMB!  Super-grippy, warm and lots of feel.

27/11/2011 16:14:19
+1 for Rooster. They are grippy - Steve Cockerill was demonstrating just how grippy they are by wearing some and holding a rope. He asked my other half, Sandy, to pull on the other end and Steve was pulled almost right over as Sandy, being a builder, is a lot stronger than he looks!

27/11/2011 17:15:52
Or try cnc fingerless horseriding gloves, same design and construction as the black and yellow Gill sailing gloves at a very reasonable GBP12.97...


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