Winder Mk4 wanted

09/11/2011 21:39:55
Dave Lee
I'm aware there are a couple of Winder Mk4s on the s/h list, but is anyone else thinking of selling?  I will be looking for a mid 3600 to early 3700 sail number.


09/11/2011 22:10:08
Thought you were selling 3660 to buy a Wayfarer?  What with being over the hill and all... ;)

09/11/2011 23:26:33
Dave Lee
Hmm, I seem to recall the last time you crossed the finish line ahead of me, you were crewing 3660 ;-)

10/11/2011 12:40:36
I can speak very highly for 3682: She's almost in original condition and everything in her works. Identical to the latest and greatest from Winder's yard.

11/11/2011 19:05:53
Dave Lee
3682 has actually just been sold (not to me).

13/11/2011 17:10:59
"Hmm, I seem to recall the last time you crossed the finish line ahead of me, you were crewing 3660 ;-)"

Indeed, you'd probably still be sailing round in circles at Hayling if you hadn't had someone telling you where to go... ;)

21/11/2011 19:16:12
Dave Lee
Bump!  Still looking....

07/02/2012 12:36:27
Chris J
Another bump...
On behalf of a friend who is looking to join the fleet: Any details on a Winder that might be available from about 3650 onwards?? Please drop me an e-mail and I will pass on your details.

08/02/2012 18:10:17
Dave Lee
I'm now sorted having bought 3711 quite recently, but I do know there are a couple of other boats which may be available but are not currently advertised.

08/02/2012 19:03:03
Chris I
I'm looking for a Winder, not necessarily the latest, but I'd like an all plastic boat to hit the spring running. So any that are available please let me know. I still have Armed Forces for sale, but will probably get the varnish touched up later in the year. Thanks, Chris 3442.


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