Photos for the yearbook

04/11/2011 17:57:39
Hi all, I am on the scroung for pictures that I can use in the year book. Demelza is being as helpfull as ever but there are some tough ones that I would like. These are what I am after:

Taxi 3864 Nationals/Silver Tiller
Geoff Carveth 3652 Nationals/Shorham
Ian Dobson 3670 Nationals/Salcombe Open
Simon Blake 3707 Salcombe Week
Jon Gorringe 3712 Inlands/Grand Slam
The Dalby Sisters 3690 A Quietly Good Year
Jen Taylor 3611 Top Lady
David Vines 3347 River Champs/Thames Series
Martin Hunter 847 Vintage Circuit
Simon Bond 3573 Old Boat @ Nationals (Scary that Rong Number is an old boat now!)

Any Vintage pictures are welcome as we are always short of those and if you have a really good one of anything (sailing related!!) send it accross to me.

Thanks everyone.

Jez - Keeper of Class records.

07/11/2011 09:02:19
Measurement Man
Hi Jeremy,

Try [email protected] - Chris took all the ones from the champs...

Any communication issues, call Chris on 07787 572083 or [email protected]


07/11/2011 12:22:10
Thanks Graham, I have sent him an email as the web address does not seem to work.

Doing well so far, thanks to all those who have emailed or called me. Keep them coming though as there are still plent of people outstanding who I would love to get in the year book.


07/11/2011 13:44:25
I'll send some vintage ones from Hunts and Whitefriars events.

03/12/2011 14:17:01
I am still looking for a couple of photos. I could really do with a ood one of Taxi and a good fleet shot from on of the Restricted Silver Tiller Events.

Any help would be apreciated.


03/12/2011 14:17:56
I promise my spelling will be better in the yearbook!!


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