Foiling Merlin

18/10/2011 23:11:38
Just for a larf and totaly outside class rules where it should remain but could someone build and film a foiling Merlin please?
I only ask as I am fed up of seeing u-tube footage of people I used to sail with fooling around on other foiling classes, and yes they are always on their own.

19/10/2011 11:54:36
To anyone that says "too heavy", please hunt down the photo of a Flying Dutchman on 'ladder' foils in the 70s.

The photo of a foiling Wayfarer however, was a hoax.

19/10/2011 14:19:41
There was also a foiling 18ft skiff on Lake Geneva.

19/10/2011 14:21:49
Common sense
To heavy?

19/10/2011 17:53:32
Where is heavy?

20/10/2011 09:59:37
Polishing his GP14.

20/10/2011 10:26:17
is it april already?

07/11/2011 12:05:39
Richard Stevens
It is generally thought that the problem of weight or more importantly the distribution of that weight with more than one crew is the problem.
Last year, at speed week Weymouth, there was a three man crewed machine that managed to get up on to foils and almost in control but it didn't really look like a normal boat.
Mirabaud was the sponsor.


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