Membership for 2012

29/09/2011 15:01:47
Any budding new members can now join and get membership up tp 31 December 2012

Hope you are all enjoying the Indian summer. Too hot for dogs though

29/09/2011 21:36:32
Apparently it's not an indian summer til we've had the first frost! Still cracking weather for Autumn:->

30/09/2011 08:37:29
David Child
We did have a hard frost two weeks back on the inland side of the downs in Hampmshire, now that really has confused mother nature!

06/10/2011 17:40:27

We have got 57 new members this year, we have lost some too but overall numbers are up very encouraging in these tuf times

Few more dogs too,

22/10/2011 11:00:00

Warm welcome to the new members who have joined this year

Remember pay now and that covers you through to Dec 2012

Haven't got a dog rate but they are welcome too

29/10/2011 11:33:32
woof woof

nice new shiny 2012 yellow membership stickers now available

29/10/2011 17:23:27
So can we renew early for next year before the dosh goes on Christmas shopping?

30/10/2011 09:10:05
You can indeed and get the worm so to speak

It spreads the year end work nicely for me to

Still nice inflow of new members, very encouraging


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