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06/07/2011 09:40:06
the gurn
Is there a power boat instructor in the fleet? - I need to learn how to use my Zodiac - yes its still going after 25 years thanks to DH Scott mending the punctures, and should sport a fine new steering console this year - 
I have to go to the Med in August and need some paperwork - I can just about control a power boat now - is there anyone who can do an assessment and sign the certificate for me - there is money involved! I think I need a "certificate of Competance" is this the same as a level 2 power boat certificate.
Back to screwing the zodiac bits on!

06/07/2011 10:09:09
Former Whitstable Pro
If not Stu Chris Lintern at Shoreham runs regular courses tel01903218843

06/07/2011 11:01:33
Pat Blake
Stuart - I think it is a CEVNI test you need to pass to get an International Certificate of Incompetance.
Keith Bater - a Merlin sailor from Cookham - runs various courses now and he has an excelent website with loads of information on.
I expect it will tell you what you need.
06/07/2011 12:20:51
the gurn
thanks for that Patrick - but is the Med considered and Inland Waterway? 
Looks like I can do an online test for £25 once I have learned the stuff.

06/07/2011 23:17:18
Pat Blake
I don't really know Stuart but it seems to me that, as in many things these days, there are two issues:

· You need a piece of paper to get past the authorities
· You actually need to be competent to drive your boat

The two things are not necessarily connected!

11/07/2011 13:02:37
Russell Bell
Thanks Pat - I'm glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humour!


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