Few problems to solve

03/07/2011 07:39:44
Few problems to solve before salcombe

Spiny poles often go outside the shrouds not sure wots happening.

Main halyard at the top often goes between block and mast snagging it, happens when I left the boat not quite into wind

Any thoughts

03/07/2011 10:58:03
David W
Don't know about the poles but it sounds like you need a new sheave at the top of the mast - the sides wear down.

Look forward to meeting you at Salcombe - as does Jazz!


03/07/2011 16:57:49
Fixing with a bobble means the halyard comes in at an gale think I will get a shackle with a hole on the top

03/07/2011 18:18:05
The poles problem is probably because the downhaul lines need to be crossed as they go into the deck.

03/07/2011 20:50:26
No they are crossed. Noticed that others don't use the eyelet on the end of the boom and takes them straight to the end crossed

04/07/2011 11:13:16
The other thing could be that the pole uphauls need a bit of inline elastic to take up the slack when the poles are not in use: We've sailed without this for a while, but it does help.


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