Quadrant levers wanted

23/06/2011 18:34:50
Terry 3591 & 1053
Does anyone have a pair of quadrant levers in reasonable condition that they might want to sell?

26/06/2011 19:48:45
GGGG Had some for sale.

27/06/2011 08:06:23
Terry (3591 & 1053)
Thanks broz.

Kieron has given me a pair. Thanks Kieron!

27/06/2011 19:56:11
Ihave a Kicker lever going spare, all the rage years ago.

05/07/2011 21:32:45
terry is this for your old boat?i have aload of tufnol fitting s left over from nyimiyami welcme to any thing (am keeping the cleats tho)rgds dh


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