2122 - Conquest

09/06/2011 09:32:40
Ian Mackenzie
Would anyone know if 2122/Conquest (a Proctor 9d) is still around and, if so, whether she might be available for sale?
I started my Merlin time crewing in her for Ken Collins in the late 60's and would love to get her back on the water if available at a reasonable price.

09/06/2011 11:38:18
Mike Liggett
Yes Ian, she is around and I have passed your details on to present owner.

15/06/2011 06:15:32
We have the only other Proctor 9D, 2121 (Half Cut) and we had a long chat with the owner of 2122 last year. Would love to see it on the water this year and get the two racing together.
These boats have a lovely curve to the sheerline because Bob Hoare widened the design without enlarging the planks - makes a great water scoop when you heel too far though!

15/06/2011 06:27:35
Ian Mackenzie
Hi Pat. I remember it only too well. In addition, when Ken got 2122 she had been fitted with an early version of a mast raking system with a complex and fairly cumbersome arrangement of gearing and wires under the foredeck. The system only left room for a very small buoyancy bag and after our first capsize the boat nose dived every time we tried to plane her dry. In the end Ken had to tow me back to the shore whilst I held on to the transom. The raking system was replaced with a full size buoyancy bag pretty sharply.


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