Travel to Salcombe

24/03/2011 18:34:29
Frances Gifford
Another Salcombe question.....

So - I would prefer not to have to drive down tomorrow. Tim H (my helm for the weekend) can't leave work early enough to travel down together and me be in time for my talk and it seems a shame to take two cars.....and then have the lonely Sunday night drive....

So was wondering whether anyone thinks they might be passing Totnes around 6.10.... or any other train station on a route out of London at anytime that would deffo get me to SYC for 7ish....

(I need to show my face at work until about 2ish so can catch a train from Paddington anytime from 2.30.....)

No worries if not - can always jump in my little car.....

Looking forward to seeing everyone....


24/03/2011 19:53:43
Ian D
Also I may end up getting a train to Exeter if anyone is passing at about 7.30 please look out for a hitchhiker with gill back and BA, possibly clinging on to a bottle of Gordon's depending on how my day has gone..

24/03/2011 20:02:09
Wiltshire Jammy Dodger
And if you're heading down the M3/A303 from London remember there's major roadworks around Amesbury and Stonehenge. Long delays and worth avoiding by using A343 to Salisbury then A36 to rejoin A303 or taking northern detour via Bulford village and Shrewton


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