Boat for Salcombe

23/03/2011 09:36:46
Stuart Bithell
As usual i'm being a cheeky chap and wondering if anyone has a boat i could borrow for the merlin open at Salcombe this weekend, Any ideas?

23/03/2011 20:30:20
Buy one???

23/03/2011 21:17:13
With all these borrowed boats, perhaps we should start awarding prizes for the 1st helm at opens who owns their own boat.

24/03/2011 11:46:18
David Child
In the old days, I do not know when it changed but up to 1970, you had to be an owner driver to be in the Silver Tiller series, even in those days there were a few who did not own the boats they sailed. The Championships were not included in this though, except, in as much as they too counted as a Silver Tiller event.

24/03/2011 13:40:33
I have often wondered why the Inlands and the River Championships are not counted as a ST event. Particularly the Inlands.

24/03/2011 20:29:29
I am sure the Inlands (Sunday) races used to.

24/03/2011 21:08:57
Chris M
They did.

It was discontinued because it was felt that the inlands should attract competitors in it's own right without the bonus of ST points.

In practice i doubt it makes much differance to the attendance, but removes a potentially very low score under the bonus points system for the first 5 boats. I'd leave well alone i think.

25/03/2011 15:57:11
Chris Rathbone
I'd be interested if the Committee could explain why the results for the Championships and Inlands don't count for the Silver Tiller.
How about double points for participation in Salcombe Week, Championships and Inlands?

25/03/2011 16:48:20
David Child
Chris I think that is going a bit far, and Salcombe already has a seperate Silver Tiller event. Parity for Championship and Inlands would seem fair to me but thankfully not my decision! I guess the same person will win in any given year.

25/03/2011 17:23:55
The Sunday races at the Inlands would be good. It is a good field, and if you dont want to go for the full weekend just go for the Sunday races.

26/03/2011 19:49:41
nice positive responce for simple "ask" - NOT !!


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