Hamble Warming PAN 2011

21/03/2011 12:43:28
Rob H
Class: Merlin-Rocket Discards: 1
Pos Sail Boat Sailed By Type Race Results Pts
1 M3684 Keyser Soze Andy Davis and Tom Pygall 2, 3, 22, 1 6
2 M3539 Gangsta Paradise Dan Alsop and Jennie King 4, 2, 1, 4 7
3 M3610 Needlemaker Richard Dee & Chris Gould 7, 8, 2, 2 11
4 M3701 Stomper Tom Stewart & Steve Hall 1, 5, 22, 7 13
5 M3722 Stealth David Hayes and Jonny Ratcliffe 3, 11, 3, 9 15
6 M3671 Shakey 'B' Tim Fells and Chris Downham 6, 6, 22, 10 22

21/03/2011 13:21:43
Well...I don't know what happened in the third race, and I was there! If we were all over the line, that number should've constituted a general recall...shouldn't it?

21/03/2011 13:38:01
I'd have said not - if the DO sees all the people over, it's their responsibility to go back. Then again I wasn't over. No where near it in fact...miles away actually!

21/03/2011 13:48:48
Sadly we missed Sunday due to damage sustained on Saturday but I know there was allot of confusion over finishing. A number of people finished when actually they still had another lap to go. There seemed to be a constant stream of hoots and dings coming from the box and no apparent reason. We got very confused in the first race and stopped a lap early. Fortunatly we realized and continued and everyone behind had done the same thing!

21/03/2011 13:58:28
Absoultely agree with Tim. A general recall is ONLY for when the Race Officer cannot identify who is over the line. If he can identify all the fleet bar 2 or 3 as being over, he should let the start go with individual recall flying. It is up to the individuals to start / re-start correctly, and those that did this should not be penalised.

Sounds like a decision of a very good Race Officer.

21/03/2011 15:15:29

I think you will find that the hoots and dings you refer to were the Foxers starting their second race. Remember they were doing 4 much shorter races in the day, so were setting off on their second whilst we were still doing our first. Like the shorten course in the second race on saturday the flags were the clue!!


21/03/2011 15:19:10
No argument about that, if that is the case. I'm sure an official announcement will appear in the fullness of time. 

As Jez says, there was so much hooting and banging going on that it was imposible to tell if you'd got a gun (hoot) at the finish, which would have given you some clue as to whether the RO thought you were over at the start.

21/03/2011 16:19:06
Will, that is exactly what was happening but we were so intently having a tacking duel with Tim and Maria that neither of us looked at the club for the flags!! It was good fun though!

21/03/2011 19:46:54
Regarding the ST results can someone please confirm it was 2 days to count this year. ST has often been the Sunday only recently. Thanks

22/03/2011 08:05:36
David Child
Someone sent me this link.

22/03/2011 10:31:28
Nice touch and worth the watch

22/03/2011 15:42:09
Tom Stewart
The race officer might of got the boats that were over but he missed the two that went back and re started. (I now expect to be told that it was ablack flag start)

22/03/2011 19:46:29
S Blake
There was no Black Flag on the 3rd race - I heard the playback of the PRO's audio tape just before the prizes to confirm our number was called. I distinctly heard the call "we should have used the Black Flag"... Did you go back Tom? 

I have to agree the event was all a bit of a mystery. I think just about everyone either finished a lap early or a lap late, we did both... Also, we thought we had won the event then found out 13 of the 21 boats were DSQ in the third race (including us).

Lessons learned: 1) learn 'U' and 'D' flags; 2) remember the PRO is up high and can see over the rigs. I bet I forget these by the time next year arrives...

Well sailed Taxi

22/03/2011 21:00:00
Tom Stewart
Taxi and us went back but with writing down all those numbers I guess we both got missed, I enjoyed the weekend all the same, but I reckon straight forward shortening as the first boat rounds the leeward mark might save some grief next time.

22/03/2011 22:51:43
John Murrell
I suppose that the thing that comes from all of this is that dinghy sailing is still an amateur sport, run by well meaning volunteers who do their best in sometimes trying situations! 

I always wonder how many cockups I make on the race course that nobody but my crew sees ( and is to polite to point out!) but I always manage to pick up the one that the Race Office makes and he is never allowed to forget.

Message to self – don’t over confuse things at Salcombe this coming weekend!!!

22/03/2011 22:55:11
John Murrell
By the way - do I spot an illegal sail in this picture?



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