Aeroweb sails and Midland Circuit Dates in the Spring Mag

01/03/2011 19:26:11
The sharp eyed (thanks Mike) will have noticed that on page 29 of the Spring mag the last two Midland Circuit dates listed are both Thursdays in September.  The calendar is not yet that crowded!

What appears to have happened is that the line with the heading October, which should appear after the Carsington meeting on 11th September, has been struck out by the sub-editor! The dates are correct on the web with Redditch on Saturday 15th October and Blithfield on Saturday 22nd October.

As for Aeroweb sails, this was a cunning ploy to get people to read the post. Mind you, as they will be legal by the time that the Midland Series opens in April, they will undoubtedly on display then!


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