Where's the Report

24/02/2011 11:08:39
Tamesis Winter Series Fan
I am dying to find out what happened next?

24/02/2011 12:08:40
Chris B (922/3062)
It's in hand. I wasn't able to attend on Sunday owing to work getting in the way of fun (although sounds like I didn't miss much fun). 

Richard Mourant has kindly written the report but, as this one details the winner of the Travellers Series (not the Winter Series), then various Tammy bods are making absolutely sure that the results are correct before the report goes to Y&Y and the Tamesis website.

Stay tuned.

24/02/2011 13:16:31
Richard Mourant (3233)
Perhaps 'Tamesis Winter Series Fan' is also dying to write the final Travellers Series report.  The finale is this Sunday and a force 3-4 NW is forecast, so it should be a good sail with lots to report on. :)

25/02/2011 12:56:02
Report for last weekend's Tammy racing is on the Tamesis web site.

08/03/2011 18:50:47
So, what happened on Sunday?

08/03/2011 19:09:04
Chris B (922/3062)
Dear ..,

A+ for enthusiasm but C- for comprehension... The reports were for the Tammy Travellers Series, not the overall Tamesis Winter Series. The Travellers Series concluded at the end of February and so there's no report for Sunday.

Over and out...

09/03/2011 13:02:55
Tamesis Winter Series (Nov to end March)hotting up with 3 races to go.  David Vines currently leading Andy Harris by a whisker with Mike Stephens (winner of the shorter, Frank Rowsell sponsored Tamesis Traveller Trophy (Jan and Feb)) in 3rd place.

09/03/2011 22:51:11
John WB
Update on Tamesis Winter Series after last weekend's tricky north easterly.  Richard Harris now in the frame at 3rd, just behind brother Andy, with David Vines still leading by 3 points.  Plenty to play for in the next 3 weeks.

10/03/2011 11:34:21
Tamesis Winter Series Fan
Wow, how exciting - my money is on Harris younger, he is sooo brilliant.

10/03/2011 11:41:20
Andy Harris
Thanks for the support. BTW I need a crew for Sunday if anyone is interested.  

Don't respond here, just give me a ring on 07767 382211 or send me an email. 11:15 start.

10/03/2011 13:46:22
Bob Lobby
Im still available

18/03/2011 12:36:18
After last weekend's drifter which saw the top 3 boats in the Tamesis Merlin Winter Series battle all round the course to give Richard Harris victory over brother Andy, with Davis Vines in 3rd, the points situation at the top of the fleets is even tighter, with 4 points separating the top 3.

So if you can't get out to India to watch the cricket, come and watch a close finish at Tamesis as the the TMWS approaches its climax.

22/03/2011 15:02:28
Plenty of competition still for places within the fleet, but the TMWS winners have been decided after a close battle in a light south-westerly on Sunday.  

While the winning boat did contain a Harris, it was Harry crewing for Davis Vines who managed to relegate Andy Harris to 2nd in the race and the series. Richard Harris was delegated to the OOD box and could only watch the fun.

So unofficial results:

Ist David Vines
2nd Andy Harris
3rd Richard Harris

Fuller report to come after the final race this weekend.

22/03/2011 16:17:52
I believe RH can still come 2nd overall if he wins on Sunday...


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