Sharp's Brewery (Doom Bar) sold

03/02/2011 09:42:29
William Harris
I look forward to Coors Light in the Salcombe Yacht Club very soon!
03/02/2011 11:11:58
We are Doomed Captain Mainwaring, Doomed I say.

03/02/2011 20:59:18
East Coast Imbiber
Sad news for the drinker and local economy but good for the seller! Experience shows that big brewers' promises are empty.  They will analyse the minerals in the water and make it elsewhere in some giant factory then set about asset stripping.  Pity really but I suppose inevitable.  Its a good job Merlins aren't made that way.

03/02/2011 21:30:27
Well if you from the East at least you have access to the only proper beer - Adnams.

03/02/2011 21:46:24
East Coast Imbiber
And also, Fat Cat, Woodfordes, Wolfe, Mersea Island,Batemans,Nethergate, mauldons, St Peters and many others. More breweries than Merlin designs so now is the time to plan your Merlin brewery crawl.

04/02/2011 07:57:34
It's not like a long established brewery going down; 15 years then sell up to take a profit. The others mentioned were all old established brewers and although it's a good drop of beer, you can't compare with the likes of Adnams.

04/02/2011 11:10:49
Peter E
I'd rather drink the contents of my sailing boots than drink Coors Light. Hope they keep their hands off Betty Stoggs.

11/02/2011 13:56:51
Who CAN keep their hands off Betty Stoggs?


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