28/01/2011 17:42:49
Tom Blackmore
Hi, does anyone have any info on Merlin Rocket 2365?  

In particular I would like to know the design and year it was built.

Many thanks,

29/01/2011 10:52:09
NMR 2365 'Esmerelda' Was built in 1970 by Bob Hoare down here in Poole, and is a Ian Proctor MK 17 design.

29/01/2011 15:13:29
Mike Liggett
Checking in Year Books she seems to have spent most of her life on the Dorset/Hampshire coast (inc. Parkstone YC).

30/01/2011 11:04:51
Tom Blackmore
Thank you very much for you replies.  I was thinking of restoring this boat but she looks to be in a bad way after receiving some new photos.  Very tempted still!!

30/01/2011 15:34:06
Rob H
The Proctor XV11 came in a few guises. The originals were still relatively narrow but the Bob Hoare modified them to about 7' beam and they morphed into 'Kingsize' although adequate offwinf were not that quick to windward.


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