Year Book

06/01/2011 09:05:56
Mike Liggett
Have been discussing the M/R Year Book with Tony Lane. I have copies from present to 1960 and Tony from present to 1962 but he also has 1955.  Does anybody know when the first Year Book appeared (I guess early 50's) and does anybody have copies of these very early books?

07/01/2011 18:22:34
Mike Liggett
Correction - Tony has 1951 Year Book not 1955.

08/01/2011 16:06:17
I have a photocopy that Mervyn gave me of 1947, which I quess is the first. It's layout is surprising similar to later ones and includes a History of the class (which only takes a couple of paragraphs, a list of the committee, the program of open events, the class rules, and a list of owners. The list of Champion boats is also very short - one boat listed 'Gently'. The list of builders totals 13, and a note says that except for no 75 Mercury designed by G O'Brien Kennedy all boats are understood to be to the design of Jack Holt. However no 131 has  a note saying it is an experimental plywood boat. The newest boat was numbered 146.

Perhaps an archive of all year books on the web would be interesting? Especially to see just what rules changed when. Even in 1947 there were five amendments to the original rules. 1 adoption of Merlin as class name, plus details of insignia. 2 A fee of 10s 6d for certificate. 3 min. depth of keel shortened from 1" to 7/8". 4 Ht of handle opening increased from 1" to to 1 1/4", and lastly max price increased to £155 from 130. ......(if only...!!)

I could photo copy this if you want though if Mervyn has the original it would be better from that.


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