New Dalby on the block.

17/12/2010 18:51:42
Phil Dalby
Andy and Michelle Dalby are now the proud parents of Elsa Grace Dalby, born at 3pm today, weighing 9lb 2oz. Mother and daughter both doing well and should be home tonight. Unconfirmed reports of gingerness. Well done team.

17/12/2010 19:04:59
Horay, great news Andy and Michelle!! Best wishes Ross and Kelly x

17/12/2010 20:28:58
Grandad 3534
Congratulations son and daughter-in-law. We cannot wait to see the new addition to the family crew pool.

18/12/2010 09:42:31
What lovely news for Christmas.well done Michelle and Elsa.The Archers.xx

18/12/2010 17:39:51
Peter Scott
Head wetting underway here!! Congratulations from Mrs S and I to all - I think the world is just about ready for the next generation of the Dalby clan!!

18/12/2010 20:29:19
Gt. Uncle George 3470
Congratulations Michelle & Andy

19/12/2010 01:54:18
Flynn Porkinz
Good stuff Mr and Mrs D, can't wait o meet my new playmate :-)

19/12/2010 09:51:39
martin hunter
fantastic, good luck

19/12/2010 12:44:18
Pat and Jilly
Great news - cheered us all up on this wintery weekend.
I am not sure if Scotty has this right though - perhaps Elsa will be the sensible one!
We can all live in hope

21/12/2010 01:46:59
Woof Woof!

Many congratulations to Andy, Michelle and family on your lovely early Christmas present, from Mike, Kate, James, Robyn and Boston....

21/12/2010 18:03:06
Andrew M
Congratulations to all 4 of you!


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