New jib, old boat

15/12/2010 09:57:10
Last week-end I tried a nearly-new jib that I have on my old Proctor 9b that I hope to get in commission this coming spring. As the boat does not have a spinnaker chute the new sail attaches on the stem and so sits further forward than it should. I think I know the answer to this but has anyone had any success with this set-up on an old boat or am I going to have to find a way of attaching the tack some distance back from the stem? I been toying with the idea of a chute but funds are tight and I think this a job beyond my limited skills. I have this nearly new suit of sails purchased some time ago to replace the shot-to-bits sails I got with the boat.

15/12/2010 21:13:59
Chris M
This must be a problem for loads of vintage boat owners. Provided the deck arrangement will actually accept the jib, it will be necessery to moce the jib faileads forward to maintain sheeting angle. You are effectively tilting the jib more than it it designed to be, so you need to move the car forward to compensate. It may be necessery to actually move the track.

Depending on how origional the boat is also bear in mind that the new jib/sails will be cut for inboard sheeting so a sheet position on the thwart or sidedeck will probably not worry the trophy hunters!

15/12/2010 21:22:12
Thanks for the comments Chris, I don't mind moving the jib-fairleeds inboard, that's quite simple but the problem is that the jib will not overlap the main at all and I woner if the slot will work correctly with this set up.

15/12/2010 23:33:47
Any class with a self tacking jib has no overlap, so there's no reason why the boat shouldn't sail decently.

16/12/2010 09:01:26
Peter Scott
When we tried a 22' 6" wing mast on 3490 'Wing and a Prayer' a 1.9m2 jib was used - which as you can imagine had no overlap, and was very crew friendly! Upwind in,terms of both speed and pointing, there was no problem - the problems were everywhere else! Happy days!

16/12/2010 12:43:11
Mike Liggett
I have recently been using a "modern" jib on "Squirrel" (235).  It seems to work OK, again the tack is right up at the stem and as the boat is very narrow have not moved the fairleads!  I am sure it is better than my high cut 1959 Ratsey jib - well past its sell by date.

18/12/2010 15:17:09
Is it possible to fit a forestay attachment as used on Ent. N12's etc..Also chech the mast foot to stem distance, to see how far out the set up is.(Do this first, Jacko told me that it should be 3ft. there was a debate on the web site a couple of weeks ago).
Measaure from the centre of the boat to the side deck, you might be able to fit coffee tables, as per Ent.


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