Inland Champs Venue

10/12/2010 17:03:19
Tony Lane
I noticed in the excellent Autumn magazine that the 2011 Inland Champs are to be held once more at Draycote Water SC. Is there a MR fleet at Draycote now?

10/12/2010 19:41:34
Chris M
No, i don't beleive there are any left. Mostly Fireballs, solos and fifteens.

11/12/2010 00:51:15
Jon E
What date?  Could be an excuse to come back to blighty for a few days.

11/12/2010 12:27:56
Tony Lane
May 20th and 21st

16/12/2010 12:40:10
Just one Merlin left at Draycote nowadays - seen forelornly sailing around back in the summer.  Not seen on the Midland Circuit.

18/12/2010 22:20:40
Keith Callaghan
20th and 21st May 2011 are a Friday and a Saturday....?

20/12/2010 11:28:42
Tony Lane
You are right Keith but 20th and 21st May are the dates printed in the Autumn 2010 magazine.
Very sorry to learn that there is only one MR at Draycote now. It was such a good and friendly fleet there years ago and it is a marvellous inland venue for a sailing club.

20/12/2010 11:59:58
Well spotted, I must have sent Pat the wrong dates, it should read 21st and 22nd May. Apologies for the typo.


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