JT CT Kicker U-bolt problem

08/12/2010 13:58:49
I have a Jon Turner Canterbury tails, which is in generally good shape, but has suffered a little from the elements. The Kicker U-Bolt which is built into the hog has come loose. 
Can anyone tell me how the u-bolt is built into the boat & if anyone has experienced a similar issue how did you resolve it?
My guess is the the u-bolt was bolted into the hog before that section of the timber was built into the hull, so is unlikely to come right out unless it takes a fair anount of timber with it. any idea's?? tx Terry

08/12/2010 20:43:31
Chris M
Jon himself would be a reasonable bet if someone can put you in touch with him.

08/12/2010 22:08:31
Richard Parslow
JT says give him a call 07712 436745.

Also asked what year was the boat built? Probably out warranty by now...

09/12/2010 11:56:12
Hi Richard, Thanks for that - will follow up with Jon. The boat is 3448, so one of the earlier wooden ones.



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