re fat boys boat

15/06/2010 16:10:16
Martin Hunter
Hi last weekend I went down to Minima's VINTAGE OPEN MEETING, now I havent sailed a merlin for a long time,now Dennis Lockwood did not have a crew and offered me his boat I had a great time, we didnt win  but with your help I am looking to find an old Jack Holt design boat , if you know of any old boat which has been left in the barn, or shed.
Please call me.

[email protected]
15/06/2010 17:03:20
Hi Martin - when you find it come and sail at Tammy!  There is a Proctor XV for sale at Tammy and (i think) a (the) Satisfaction  best dv

15/06/2010 17:04:41
...that should probably have been 'her' rather than 'it' !


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