Whitstable Accommadation.

03/06/2010 16:27:24
Looking for 3 nights from the 25th June for the open meeting. Don't really fancy the premier inn. (i'm sure its nice).
2 adults + 2 kids.
Tried the internet with little response.

04/06/2010 13:36:05
Amanda & Tosh
Try Whitstable Holiday Homes - they are really helpful.

05/06/2010 12:39:58
Sorted thanks.
How about parking for the weekend?

05/06/2010 14:28:45
Mrs Tosh
Plenty in the local car park a short walk from the club or on many side roads too.

15/06/2010 11:26:04

Just a warning. The B14s, Cherubs and Mustos had there meeting at Whitstable at the beginning of June and those that had not booked their accommodation well in advance found that they were staying at the Premier/Travel Lodges on the A299, both some 3+ miles from the club. So if not booked up, do so asap.

Bye for now


15/06/2010 11:28:25
On another note, due to the popularity of the town in Summer, make sure you get down in plenty of time for the car park. Failing that look for spaces to the south and west of the carpark. East of the carpark is a no go as people leave their cars firmly routed during the weekend unless residential only.

Bye for now


15/06/2010 20:17:02
Chris M
Finding B&B was hard work last week, so i'd take Barnsie's advice!


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