Mainsheet Length

01/06/2010 13:25:37
Just bought an old Smokers Satifaction 3106 and am sourcing some odd parts. It has a 3:1 mainsheet system. Does anyone know readily what length of Mainsheet I will need. I amalso missing the small fairlead that is on the underside of the double pole system. Does anyone know the part number. This is where the downhaul enters the underside of the end of the pole.

01/06/2010 16:36:03
On 3:1 I have a 5m mainsheet, this gives me enough to be able to play the main even when hiking over the transom when its windy

14/06/2010 10:47:12
I would suggest you would need 6 to 7 meters I found that 5 was just long enough but there would be no chance of playing the main of the transome with 5 meters

14/06/2010 11:26:48
steve ward
let me know what other parts you need and i will see if we have them  07973 951255  regards  steve

14/06/2010 15:13:04
You might find you often want a 4:1 mainsheet. Many people switch between the two depeding on wind strength.


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