MR3100 for sale, inc. all accessories

24/05/2010 09:38:16
located at Nottingham SC.
Fine condtion.
Loads of spares. Please see ad on apolloduck. Can email more photos.
24/05/2010 10:29:21
I see the advert contains the magic words "Includes a copy of the elusive MERLIN ROCKET BOOK" !

24/05/2010 20:19:54
Robert Harris
I wonder what happened to my copy of the 'elusive MERLIN ROCKET BOOK' that I bought at the Ranelagh launch. On the flyleaf it has the signatures of numerous luminaries at that event  including those of Jack Holt and Ian Proctor. Years ago I misguidedly lent it to someone, I can't remember who and never saw it again.

24/05/2010 20:49:51
Sorry to disappoint you Robert, but this one is without signatures


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