Wanted bit of Mahogany

04/05/2010 15:16:44
I'm trying to fit a king post to my merlin (Adur 7). Does anyone have a suitable bit of mahogany the rightish shape, length for the job that I could purchase? 

Or any ideas where best I could try to source?

Many thanks,

Andy 07919 263488

04/05/2010 15:47:15
Andy try Robins in Bristol, or you could call Laurie to see if he has anything. Not sure I've got anything thick enough myself, though have smaller bits if ever needed

04/05/2010 16:23:38
Andrew M
Locally Andy your best bet is Champion Timber, just south of Tesco's by Shannon's Corner.  They have a box of offcuts and bits and pieces.  You could walk there from yours

04/05/2010 20:09:30
dalbers ,i've got loads,when will you be about next?can give chris m a piece if your going to hayling! rgds phil

04/05/2010 23:02:50
RA Bampton in southampton normally have a truck load of offcuts for less than a fiver. I may have a bit, I'm in Fareham.

24/05/2010 07:50:03
Dan Alsop
Hi Andy, Sorry not to see you at Queen Mary.  Regarding your king post, you might be able to squeeze one out of this: http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/multimedia/photos/worm-s-eye-view-of-a-mahogany/
Cheers, Dan

24/05/2010 08:06:30
was that piece big enough?

24/05/2010 09:58:04
Captain Dobby
Thanks Dan - I took a cutting. 

Cheers Phil - it's bogged right in now! Just the trick. I owe you a couple of beers for that beauty!


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