Training @ Rutland

03/05/2010 22:50:55
Can I(we) be the first to publically thank all those who made the training weekend at Rutland possible (I have no intention of trying to name everybody; there were dozens of experts who gave their time on Saturday). They had to cope with a very wide range of students/delegates/participants as well as weather which ranged from a balmy drifter for parts of Saturday to 'dogs off chains' windy today (Mon). I think I can safely say that all the participants took something away from the weekend (as well as bruises)and that it can, most definitely, be chalked-up as a success. 

Thanks again.

04/05/2010 08:59:58
Terry & Estelle
Same from us. Fab weekend, even if the wind was a little scary.

Thanks Steve, Jennie and all those that gave up their time and shared their valuable experience.

04/05/2010 10:41:11
Angela and I can only fully endorse everything said so far. Thank you to everyone for your time and effort. We learnt an awfull lot, look forward to trying to put it into practice and to coming back next year to learn even more. Best wishes to all; coaches, tutors and fellow students. Hope to see you on the circuit. Ian

04/05/2010 11:57:52
Paul & Julie - 3715
The training was excellent, many thanks to everyone who gave their time and expertise to make it a success.

Julie and I have sailed for many years but are new to the Merlin fleet. In our opinion, the Merlin training is amongst the very best that any of the class associations organise and something that the Merlin fleet should be proud of. If you haven't taken advantage of the opportunity to attend, sign up next year. You will not get a better opportunity to improve your sailing performance whether you are at the front, middle or back of the fleet.

04/05/2010 18:35:04
Thanks from us too - inspirational people dispensing invaluable advice - just got to straighten my hoop which I found was 'leaning' to starboard by 50mm! must have either fallen on it or bent it during one of the many 'rightings' of Friday - couldn't possibly have been that 'breeze' could it?

Immense gratitude to everyone over the 4 days from Kieron and Belinda


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